If you were to put a value on your business day, what would it be?

What relationships did you build? What did you sell? What did you create?

Did you spend your day focusing on the essential things that will really grow and scale your business?

Let’s see how you’re doing today. No judgement here. Just your own honest assessment of your activities and how they relate to your priorities.

Did you surf the internet and spend time on social media? 


Did you advance a profit project?

Did you spend time thinking about changing something on your website? 


Did you build a new relationship?

Did you spend time organizing and reorganizing? 


Did you secure a new speaking gig?

Did you attend countless meetings with no real result to show for them? 


Did you engage in sales conversations?

You get the gist.

If your priorities aren’t on answering at least one, if not all, of those second questions in the affirmative, then the value of your business and the time you put into it is being seriously jeopardized.

You wonder what’s a $10 activity vs. a $1,000 activity? Or one of even far greater value?

It’s too much time endlessly spent on sweating small details instead of time mostly spent on strategic, impactful initiatives.

Nothing except those initiatives is valuable enough to establish and grow a sustainable business. 

Converting a qualified prospect, market expansion, creating breakthrough brand messaging, getting in front of your ideal audience, selling value and innovation, etc.

These are the activities most worth spending time, energy and resources on.

These are the activities that will get you to where I know you want to be.

Moving forward…not stuck where you started.

Moving forward…not frustrated and disillusioned.

Moving forward…not languishing but growing.

So, I’d like to suggest that you track your priorities and your activities, hour by hour, for a week and put a value on each activity. 

See if you’re spending your time as profitably as you could.

Are you ending each day in the red or in the black? How does it add up for your week?

This exercise will provide awareness on how you’re valuing your time.

And with that awareness will come action. 

Identifying and executing on your most important initiative for the day. 

The one item that if completed and you still do nothing else, will have the greatest impact on your ultimate success

With heart and brilliance,