It is the first time in the 244-year-old history of our nation that a woman, a Black and South Asian woman at that, will be inaugurated as the first female elected to the second highest ranking position in our country. The first female Vice President of the United States of America!

As women, this is a cause for celebration. Regardless of your political alignment, Kamala’s election represents the unapologetic fight for gender equality. It gives women the voice and respect that we all want and deserve. This is something all women can be proud of.

As women strive to rise, Kamala is a testament to our power and influence. Through intellect, grit, determination and a dream, we are unstoppable and have the ability to succeed in every way we choose.

Kamala is a brilliant example of our ambition as women. Whether in business, medicine, law, the creative arts, politics or any profession we choose, we have the wherewithal to carve the path we imagine not only for ourselves but for the world.

As I observe her, it’s become clear Kamala has distinct personal and professional qualities that have enabled her rise to power. Qualities that we can all learn from.

1. Loyal…To Your Dreams.

Kamala has taken a journey with a clear vision, her North Star, in front of her. The decision to run for President or to be chosen for Vice President stems from a dream, not from a fluke, accident or coincidence.

Seeing your future you and “star-gazing” at your North Star – staying focused on moving towards it – is a requirement in propelling us forward.

2. Persistent…Despite Setbacks and Criticism.

Kamala’s ascension has not been without challenges.

Personally, she had to navigate the many challenges of being a woman of color rising from humble beginnings. Professionally, she had to find ways to balance her oath as California’s top law enforcement official with issues of race roiling the justice system.

Despite some doubts, some criticisms and some mistakes, she persevered and stood her ground, doing what she felt was right.

Persistence is a crucial element in realizing your vision because there is no path to your North Star without many cloudy nights blurring your vision.

3. Prepared… To Meet Opportunity.

Kamala is a woman who perfectly demonstrates the adage “luck is when preparation meets opportunity”.

For example, her questioning of Bill Barr during his nomination hearing for US Attorney General, thrust her into her party’s spotlight. Her direct and incisive examination, reflecting her thorough preparation as an experienced prosecutor, at once raised eyebrows of Democrats and Republicans alike. Whether as gutsy torch bearer or formidable foe, she seized the moment.

Preparation is essential in being able to not only discern and greet your opportunities but to seize them as well.

4. Willing…To Risk.

In 2012, Kamala took a huge risk as State Attorney General and withdrew California from a settlement agreement with the banks responsible for the state’s mortgage and foreclosure crisis during the 2008 economic crash.

That risk, and her skills at negotiation, ultimately increased an initial settlement offer of $2-4 billion dollars to $18.4 billion in rightful relief for California homeowners.

Risk is critical to reaching your vision. Playing it safe will only get you so far. But playing with grit and guts and stepping into uncertainty is risky and it’s where your real growth lies. Risk is the real measure of what you’re made of…what we’ve really got.

5. Courage…To Fail.

After a stunning performance in one presidential debate, Kamala suffered defeat in subsequent debates, severely diminishing her path to the Democratic presidential nomination.

Nonetheless she stayed in the game as a figure that garnered great respect with her ideas, policies and skills that still made her a great Vice Presidential candidate.

Courage to fail is part of the prescription for success. Failure is just a moment in time. It does not define an entire path forward unless you give it that meaning and power.

6. Confidence…Through Consistent Engagement.

Kamala’s confidence may have wavered at certain times, but not over the long haul. Her consistency in “showing up” and “playing full out”…that constant engagement…was the real source of her confidence. Just staying in the game, just doing, just acting and standing for something she believed in.

That’s how you build confidence through consistent efforts. Thought alone does not create confidence. But thought combined with action…being fully engaged…reaps tremendous rewards of self-assurance and confidence.

7. Commitment…To Serve.

Along with whatever other purpose drives her it is clear Kamala derives energy and stamina from her commitment to serve. Her commitment to public service and justice is an overriding factor in her success.

Your commitment to your purpose is the sustainable factor in your journey.

Vision, preparation, persistency, willingness to risk and fail all derive their power from your purpose.

Purpose sets you on a path. Purpose guides your journey. Purpose is your victory.

As we watch Kamala get sworn in as the first female Vice-President, let us also celebrate ourselves and our own way forward. Take the lessons that she demonstrated and take those things to heart. Recognize that all you desire to create is fully available to YOU.

With heart and brilliance,