Have you ever encountered something so complex that you felt like skipping to the next topic?

You’re not alone.

Complexity can sometimes act as a barrier, making us question whether delving deeper is worth the effort.

While I relish a challenge in many areas, when it comes to productivity frameworks, simplicity is key for me. The goal is straightforward: complete tasks efficiently without sacrificing quality.

It’s not about needing a PhD-level understanding of productivity. It’s about achieving outcomes seamlessly.

To be clear, I’m all for high performance. My approach is rooted in leadership, emotional intelligence, and the foundational vision and values that propel us forward.

Productivity plays a crucial role in this journey, but it doesn’t have to be convoluted.

Let’s keep it simple and effective. Shall we?

Simplifying Success: Tried-and-True Tools for Your Journey

Navigating the path to achieving our goals can often seem daunting. However, with the right tools in your arsenal, you can effectively complete what’s essential to you. Here are some invaluable frameworks I’ve adopted:

1. Embrace Your Desired Identity: Before diving into a task, assume the identity of the person you aim to become. Our identity defines how we think about ourselves, in turn determining everything else in our life…health, money, people, business, success, failures, etc.

Our beliefs are the core of our identity, our identity dictates our habits, and our habits determine the quality of our life.

I recently exemplified assuming an identity while designing a Masterclass for Women Entrepreneurs. Whenever I felt overwhelmed, I reaffirmed my role as a ‘Master Masterclass Creator’, propelling me forward.

2. Focus on Your Daily ‘One Thing’: Zero in on the 20% of tasks that yield 80% of your results.

You may identify several things that you want to do as shown in the first image below.

But then as you identify Your One Thing, you move the other items to Next Up below. So that your one thing becomes your sole focus.

For instance, when designing my masterclass, aside from client meetings, I streamlined my to-do list, resulting in a swift and concentrated work period.

This simple approach ensures you make headway towards your vision and goals.

Here’s how it looks. With each iteration you get a picture of the progression as you identify your One Thing.

















Tie-in Tool: Combine this with the Eisenhower Matrix, helping determine tasks worthy of your time versus those to delegate or delete. [Read more here]

3. The Decision Matrix: Analyze decisions by weighing upsides and downsides. To illustrate, let’s consider connecting with me on LinkedIn:

Upsides of following Noreen:

  • Unlock strategies for professional growth.
  • Align with a style that bolsters mindset, marketing, and monetization.
  • Enhance leadership skills.

Upsides of not following Noreen:

  • Additional leisure browsing.
  • Diversify content consumption.

Downsides of following Noreen:

  • Overwhelmed by content choices.
  • Risk of content consumption over action.

Then consider your Optimal Strategy meaning what’s the remedy that allows me to follow Noreen on LinkedIn? [This is basically how can I both follow Noreen on LinkedIn and not have the downside?]

This might be committing to creating first before consuming posts, or selectively choosing who you will follow… for every person you begin to follow you unfollow another who may not be providing the value you hoped. This ensures quality over quantity.

4. The “Someday/Maybe” List: A repository for all your ideas, projects and actions that are on your radar but you’re not ready to tackle. Parking them here ensures they don’t clutter your mind, allowing you to revisit them when ready.

In essence, these tools are designed not just to amplify your productivity but also to enhance your overall prosperity. Equip yourself with these strategies, and watch simplicity drive your success.