6 weeks ago they were just students.

Today, they are leaders. Extraordinary leaders.

On March 24th they created a movement…observed by millions they moved into action and their leadership reverberated throughout the world.

The Parkland horror/massacre unleashed emotions, voices, passion and caused those who were “just students” to grow up fast. But most importantly these kids captivated the world with unity and heart. It was a demonstration of courageous leadership that provoked an unstoppable commitment to change for the sake of the greater good.

I don’t think there’s a greater leadership story thus far in the 21st century than this one. We are all witnesses to a historic time. A time that demands these young voices be heard and heeded to create the change we wish to see in the world.

I will not exploit this deeply horrific experience or compromise it in the interest of a teaching moment on leadership but rather write about it because their actions have truly inspired me. I hold these young leaders in great esteem and this is a story that must continue to be told and heard.

These young and remarkable people have truly and profoundly demonstrated what leadership is in all its glory and it’s a lesson for all of us…because they’re not in it for the glory but for the simple, fierce commitment to make our world a better and safer place. In their message, they have had enough…they never want to witness this unbearable tragedy again. In their pain, they have harnessed their incredible power and have chosen to wield that power positively rather than languish in understandable despair.

6 weeks ago they were “just students”. Now they have massive influence. They have thrust themselves onto the world stage as an innocent and dramatic plea for change.

They have found their voices and empowered millions towards a common goal to transform our world. In it’s simplest and most fundamental form that is what great leadership is.

At their center, they have a cause worth fighting for.

In their action they embody courage. Their courage has been put into motion because of their passion for the cause.

Along the way, they unite forces to both advocate for their cause and to conquer challenges and opposition.

From their footprints, a new path is forged. A clear message has reverberated, voices have risen up collectively, articulately and emotionally.

These unlikely yet remarkable leaders have taken this tragic, life-altering experience and turned it into a profound movement. They have illuminated how in just a short amount of time ordinary people can rise up.

Transformation is in the making.

People are changed forever.