93% of high-performing marketers lead with their values, the beating heart of the organization.

Your brand values are the core beliefs or principles that guide you, the courage behind every decision you make, the reason why your team shows up every day and why your customers buy from you.

Your brand messaging is key to reflecting these values and your actions demonstrate whether or not you are true to them.

More than ever, customers and clients are looking to align their buying decisions with companies who live their values, ethically, socially and environmentally.

In fact, according to research conducted by Salesforce, “66% of customers have stopped buying from companies whose values didn’t align with theirs”.

Creating foundations in your company that are true to your values is critical to your success and sustainability.

Here are 7 steps to help identify your company core values:

1/ Reflect on your Origin Story…Dig Deep into your roots – your company history, its mission, its vision. Consider what distinguishes you from your competitors. There’s power in your origin story.

2/ Bring Everyone into the Arena…This isn’t a solo journey. Every single person in your organization should have a say in defining your brand values. Conduct open conversations, employee focus groups, and surveys. Make sure every voice is heard.

3/ Uncover Shared Treasures…As you converse, you’ll start to find the golden thread, common themes that are shared among your team. These are the building blocks of your brand, your treasures. Authenticity, compassion, creativity, resilience – what are your shared treasures?

4/ Choose Your Treasures Carefully…Select the golden few priorities, the ones that deeply resonate with you and your team, and that you’re committed to living and breathing.

5/ Share Your Golden Few with Your Team…Cultivate buy-in and understanding to ensure the core values are embraced.

6/ Embed Your Values In Your Culture…Integrate them into your daily activities and let them be the guiding values that map your business journey.

7/ Share Your Map with Other Shareholders…Your Clients, Your Funding Sources, etc. Anyone who has a vested interest in your mission.

8/ The Courage to be Seen…Share your journey on Social platforms showing your values in action. Don’t just tell them, show them. Remember this is true leadership…courage to live your values in action. This is what garners trust. Show up fully in alignment with your values and your audience will respond in kind.

Finally, remember that this is an evolution. As you grow, learn and continue to gain experience, your values will evolve. Reflect on the lessons you’ve learned, refine as you go and always be the face and the trusted source that is true to your values.


Quote of the Week:

Your core values are your deeply held beliefs that are the expression of your soul.

~ Noreen Howard



Founder & CEO

Noreen Howard International

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