Every Saturday morning I settle into an inspiring space, often light a candle and reflect on what type of leader I have been in my life and my business.

It’s become a cherished ritual in my life because it keeps me connected with who I am becoming and who I choose to be.

No matter the material assets in my life that show my physical journey, what truly matters to me is my journey within myself and the difference I am making (in my small way) to the greater world…am I being the person I want to be and am I committed to living my higher purpose?

Here are 18 Questions (yes,18) I ask myself that keep me in touch with myself. [Stay Tuned for next week when I share the practical questions I assess weekly in my business.]

I can’t tell you enough how critical these questions are to keeping me grounded, inspired and progressing in our rapidly changing and divisive world.

  1. Vision: Have I stayed committed to my vision of what I’m creating? Am I taking steps daily to make it a reality?
  2. Values: Have I been aligned with my core values…living consistently with attitudes, behaviors, decisions and actions that are true to me?
  3. Adaptability & Resiliency: Have I been adaptable and flexible…willing to see new perspectives and bend in new ways given what I confronted? Was I able to go beyond any challenge necessary to become stronger and become “antifragile”-inviting new challenges?
  4. Curiosity: Did I ask questions, learn and seek to understand?
  5. Wonder and Awe: Was I willing to witness and experience the special moments and small wonders that surround me?
  6. Inspirational and Empowering: Did I lift others up, inspire and empower them to believe in themselves and take hold of their own vision?
  7. Commitment & Consistency: Were my actions consistent with my words…doing what I said I was going to do? Following through on what I’m committed to?
  8. Possibility: Did I embrace possibility and create something from nothing? Daring forward to transform my reality and make the changes I desire to make?
  9. Creativity: Did I reignite my imagination, make space for creativity and dare to be different?
  10. Risk-Taking: Did I do something scary every day, exercising vulnerability that paved the path to my vision and commitment?
  11. Responsibility: Was I responsible 100%, 100% of the time?
  12. Communication: Did I listen and engage directly and respectfully? Was I willing to have the fierce conversation that needed to happen? Did my words matter? Did I move one step further towards conversational excellence?
  13. Persuasion: Did I ethically persuade, influence and enroll others using genuine emotion and storytelling to inspire action?
  14. Opportunities: Did I let obstacles and challenges lead the way to finding new opportunities and solutions?
  15. Empathy and Emotional Intelligence: Did I walk in others’ shoes? Did I feel and relate… to truly connect to myself and others?
  16. Integrity: Did I act wholeheartedly and with strength of character…never settling and giving up on myself, my vision, values and commitment?
  17. Execution: Did I take action? As Thomas Edison said, vision without implementation is hallucination”.
  18. Leadership: Although these are all leadership distinctions, did I support and develop leadership in others which is the truest test of a great leader?

And the bonus, culminating question…Have I lived fully, loved fiercely and mattered?

This may seem like a lot, and it is when given deep reflection and thought. It’s a lot because it’s confronting. It’s hard to reconcile where I didn’t “live up” to my best self.

I don’t use it to beat myself up. I use it as a challenge to be a better person and leader today.

Thinking time is critical and it’s time well spent.

I encourage you to use any and all of these questions that resonate with you to connect with your best self and the leader you are being in your life.


Question of the Week and Every Week:

Have I lived fully, loved fiercely and mattered?