Poised In Her Power


It was she, the giraffe, that brought tears to my eyes. Tears that flowed from the sheer natural beauty that stood before me.

She stood majestic and exquisite. Truly a female with a higher purpose. She exuded confidence with her keen eyes focused on her surroundings. Taking it all in.

She was one of the first animals I saw on my inaugural trip to Africa and the Serengeti plains. Her poise, her all-knowing zen quality, her motherly protection all stood in tribute to the feminine qualities that we as women possess…caring, guiding, sharing, and standing in her power, above it all.

There is danger at every turn on the Serengeti. Danger that she knew too well. But at no moment did you feel it threatened her freedom. With each precious moment her beauty, power, and freedom grew because the danger did not stop her determination, her ability to do what she needed to do to thrive.

There were many lessons in my travels of which I’m sure I will continue to write. But this particular moment stands emblazoned in my memory because of the incredible attributes that define a powerful, emboldened woman.

It’s what my work is dedicated to…helping ambitious, talented, and skilled women around the world stand in their power to move forward and create their brilliant business and/or career. A business or career that serves, that’s sustainable, that achieves results, that builds financial freedom, and impacts the world.


She Stood Above It All


This week we begin our monthly segment of “She Stood Above It All” which highlights one of the incredible women in my mastermind community. These are stories of women who have “weathered the storms” to create what they desire. Women I am fortunate to work with. Women, who have in every way, enhanced my life.

This week we start with Elaine Williams, Owner and Founder of Captivate the Crowd, who brings her funny to you and helps you use the power of video to grow your business. She has leveraged her comedy & performance experience, on-camera confidence, and story creation into powerful video training that helps business owners and corporate executives share their messages in a compelling and captivating way while increasing their bank accounts and bottom line.

In our work together, she has refined her strategic vision, stretched beyond what she believed she was capable of and owned her value. It has supported her in speaking on stages & podcasts, in delivering group programs, and in securing private coaching relationships. Join me in congratulating Elaine on her success!


If You’re Ready For Success


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If you’re ready to stand above it all, then please apply now and secure your spot. We’d love to meet you.


With heart and brilliance,