Questions are our most powerful resource.

High quality questions that is.

When we’re willing to reflect on critical issues facing us, it’s amazing what doors open up just by asking questions.

Questions make us aware of what’s getting in our way.

Questions become a search for answers. They reveal aspects of the problem that resonate, which in turn ultimately lead to solutions.

Years ago, I decided to start my day with a high-quality question for myself:

How can I best bring my amazing gifts out into the world to help others and help me live my best life?

I can’t tell you the number of ideas, insights, connections, opportunities and successes that have emerged from that daily question. It’s mind-boggling!

Because when I ask that question, I’m open to seeing new things, new ways, meeting new people and forming new strategies and processes to serve my clients.

For example, identifying that I’m playing the long-game, with a clear vision for my work and my life…aligned with my core values…has led to courage, consistency and persistency in my actions. If something is important to me, I don’t quit.

In an interview I heard with Jonathan Fields, host of The Good Life Project podcast, and Dr. Brené Brown, they spoke about 3 questions that we can ask ourselves to unlock the options and capacities that we each have to emerge victorious in the face of perceived weakness.

I had heard these questions before, however, hearing them again in the context of this full interview added a new dimension and a new urgency to them, which I now utilize for any critical issue I or my clients are confronting.

Here they are:

  1. What if I fail?
  2. What if I succeed?
  3. What if I do nothing?

Which question terrifies you the most?

We all have fears.

Some fear failure, others fear success.

But most find the 3rd question the most terrifying of the three.

How about you?

I’d love to hear from you.

If these questions resonate with you…and if you’re ready to tackle big issues in your business and life and how to create the business and life you truly want, let’s have a conversation.

Reply back to this email with “Let’s Talk” in the subject line and I’ll get back to you with a date and time.


Quote of the Week:

The power to question is the basis of all human progress.

– Indira Gandhi