How do you make email offers that compel people to take you up on them?

Imagine that every time you send out an email this summer you’re inviting someone over to your beautiful outdoor garden for tea.

During your tea party, you invite them to cut whatever flowers they want in your garden to take home.


You’ve prearranged some garden cuttings and arranged them in beautiful bouquets for each person to take when they leave.

Now think about it. When bouquets are on offer it’s very easy for people to admire the bouquets and take one.

On the other hand, for them to take a pair of garden shears and go at your flower beds with reckless abandon is likely a less compelling proposition for various reasons…not knowing what’s off limits, not wanting to impose and feel like a taker, not wanting to emotionally deal with scavenging through your garden dreamscape.

Remember you invited them over for a tea party, not a flower cutting party.

So your emails get to consider the same dynamic. Your communications get to take the initiative and share what you’re up to, what may benefit your audience and invite people to work with you. 

And you get to make email offers in a way that compel people to take you up on your offers.

Because it’s unlikely your readers will take the initiative to determine how you can support them and how they can work with you.

In fact, the reality is people won’t usually take the initiative. They don’t want to impose or ask others to go out of their way for them.

Plus by not providing clear direction, you’re making them do all the work.

And it will go nowhere.

So if in your communications you’re priming your readers with education, value and a transformational experience and yet you’re not making irresistible offers, you’re basically setting up your audience to say “yes” to the next expert at hand that does present an offer and way forward.

In other words, you’re laying the groundwork for someone else to step in and seal the deal.

So present your goods and services and invite your audience to take it further with you.

Your offers can be direct in your communications or a postscript in your signature. The latter is very effective because it provides a prompt for them to take action, when they’re ready, and provides clear, compelling ways to engage.

With heart and brilliance,


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