This image of my cat Ivy reminded me of a book I recently read titled Living On The Skinny Branches by Master Transformational Leader, Michael Strasner.

The premise of the book is that to live an extraordinary and abundant life filled with personal freedom requires we live on the skinny branches…moving from the root of the tree where everything is the same, up the tree catching wind in your hair, and rising to the top where the juices and richness of life are experienced. The book provides leadership distinctions on how to create your extraordinary life.

As I watched Ivy this day, so high up, with some fear and trepidation (she’s an indoor cat), I instead chose to look at the world from her perspective. And that this adventure, though seemingly small, was a huge journey for her.

Putting myself in her paws so to speak, made me realize she was willing to risk the instability of the skinny branches to pursue her curiosity and live her life on her terms in the moment…with adventure, with joy and with the willingness to experience it fully.

Of course, she was not totally secure. She even began to fall at one point, managing to grasp the tree limb with her paws and hang there until she figured out how to shimmy herself back up.

Then when she was satisfied with her expedition and her risky endeavors she shuffled backwards to safety. 

To my surprise, after watching her almost fall from 15 feet high, it didn’t diminish her sense of adventure. Within no time and without hesitation she was off on her next adventure, up another tree.

This new experience created a craving for more discovery. A new world had emerged for Ivy.

If you’re still with me, you must either appreciate this story because you’re a cat lover and you “get it” or you think it’s utterly ridiculous I’m writing about my cat and trying to make a point about transformational living.

To me it’s really just a story with a simple message that made me reflect on my own life and the leadership lessons I work with my clients to embody.  Lessons that once taken to heart and practiced will support them in living their best lives.

The message and metaphor of Ivy’s experience can inform our own living on the skinny branches.

You see, growth and joy really do truly emanate from the risky business of pursuing a dream and going for it.

With purpose, vision, desire and curiosity we can create new worlds and discover personal universes that hold all the good things we imagine.

Without those things, we’re really just existing and not living.

Once you begin to unleash yourself and really live life on the skinny branches, you’ll never look back, and will climb up to those skinny branches over and over again.

I challenge you to go live your life on the skinny branches!

Lots of Love,


Life is a Journey. Immerse Yourself.

~ Michael Strasner