Are you inspired by a particular leader, someone who has made a difference in your life?

We are confronted with examples of great leadership every single day. There is no lack of ordinary individuals doing extraordinary things at every turn. And there’s no lack of others claiming to be leaders that seek to disrupt and violate every thinking and feeling person’s definition of what a leader is. I don’t call the latter leaders but rather narcissistic antagonists.

Disruption is great when it brings innovation, thought leadership and a better way of approaching that which is important in our lives. However, disruption for the sake of disrupting that sends us reeling in a fight for one’s survival is not being done in the interest of leadership but rather in support of self-righteousness, egotism and power. This does not serve us either individually or collectively.

In my years of observing and working with some great leaders there are specific attributes that set them apart as extraordinary. Today, I will talk about one. 


Leadership starts from the heart. It emanates from a desire, a sense of purpose and conviction that is meaningful and impactful. And what better way to move through our lives than to be connected with this nugget of gold within us. 

Heart is the innermost part of us. It knows what is true. It knows what is right. It knows when we’re on a path that supports us and others. And it feels right.

Courage and conviction come from your heart.

In fact, the very origin of the word courage specifically translates from Latin “cor” which is heart. And when we embody a deep sense of conviction there is something inside of us that is undeniable that is unwavering that is very much a part of who we are. 

When we lead from this place, we have the ability to inspire others, create a movement and make a profound impact, big or small.

If you think about what I asked you at the start, the person you thought of was likely someone who inspired you because they were invested with heart. 

I ask you to think about what inspires you to be that leader and take a stand with HEART, COURAGE & CONVICTION. As you move through your day, consider if there’s one person, cause or mission you can help today. And pick up the phone, send a text or an email and reach out to make a difference.

Be That Leader.