It’s heart wrenching and horrifying to watch the senseless war and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine created, unprovoked, to serve the brutal ego of one tyrant.

Although these times are overshadowed by darkness, it is undeniable that the light still slips through. We have seen that light witnessing the unimaginable courage, resilience and leadership of so many people standing united in the face of atrocities and annihilation.

I’ve been personally inspired by the daily stories of individuals who risk everything, their lives included, to fight back facing the most dire circumstances. They sacrifice everything simply because it’s moral and right. They stand in stark contrast to Putin and his right wing, anti-democratic minions the world over.

They stand for hope and peace and freedom.

  • Ordinary people acting bravely like the nurses caring for and cradling in their arms ICU newborns sheltering in underground bunkers.
  • Like José Andrés and his team at World Central Kitchen who are providing meals in response to the humanitarian crisis…not only on the frontline in Ukraine but around the world.
  • Ukrainian families separating so mothers and children can flee to safety, leaving loved ones behind to fight for their independence.
  • Citizens of other countries like Poland, Moldova, and Romania who are welcoming, housing, and feeding the orphans and refugees of this outrageous war. Even connecting on an emotional level to celebrate the birthday of a Ukrainian child who just crossed over the border into Poland, providing some semblance of hope and promise for the future.
  • Even thousands of Russian citizens standing in protest and risking persecution, incarceration and even death for voicing their defiance of this brutal war.
  • Influential people like the Russian TV producer, Marina Ovsyannikova, who, without regard for her own safety, staged an on-air protest of the war.
  • World leaders who have joined together to impose severe economic sanctions on Russia and provide military and financial support to Ukraine.
  • And of course President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, actor, comedian and now hero, who through heart, soul and courage has stunned the world with his leadership…uniting a nation and holding a dictatorial monster at bay.

If we see enough of these rays of light, perhaps we will also see some light at the end of this tunnel…for an end to this war. For an end to all dark things. Perhaps if we can kindle the light within each of us, we can all become heroes, for peace and good.

With light and love this holiday weekend,